Living to write, writing to love and loving to live.

Photo on 10-31-12 at 1.27 PMI am Christophe Celius, a Haitian male with a passion for philosophy, poetry, music and the idea of love. I love life and believe in the sanctity of humanity. I love to cook and have friends over to watch them eat it all. Jazz is what makes some days worth living and the hope to, one day, travel the world. I write for the passion it ignites in me with a strong desire to master my environment and positively influence those around me. Although I love to dance, I don’t really know how and rarely find a good enough scene to break it down and a few toes. Life is extremely short; I therefore live purposefully.

I started this blog in September 2010 because I felt useless, unable to help Haiti after the earthquake. It has since grown into a destination site for news about Haiti and the world. Since I love to write, I understood that my contribution could be in the literary realm. Everything I write is the Cover Stories and Chez Ba tabs, given the volume of news stories I repost of Rapadoo O.

It is my hope that everyone find Rapadoo O useful and that the information found on it challenge readers to aspire changes in their own communities. Rebuilding Haiti is a journey we all must take together, so do your part.

Ελληνικά: To Εθνόσημο της Αϊτής English: Coat ...

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