Cascading your essence over my world,Your effervescent streams of seductionWith residual steams from the last stormSyncretize incessantly on the hill topRainbows of sensation umbrella my skyPerpetual showers of cloudless passionsReach my core […]

New Season

I rise, and then I dropLike dancing indicators on graphic equalizersWaving in admiration of the marching notesThen I rise againYour intense breaths slice through my fleshLike warm gold on the shivering horizonsEach […]

Purloined Dream

Scars from your agonizing batonsRuthlessly hound my bruised silence.Fate’s dust has settled on my rightsYour peers enforced lynching laws Carved on your walls an illusion reads,Burden of proof exonerates innocence.As stereotypical prints […]


Naturally, I became the falling rainGushing down like infuriated beesSeeking to inflict maximum reprisalsInside the dreams of her betrayalsBut eventually the rain is the painForty days and forty nights of acidDeteriorating any […]


Upon these beds of tranquil serenityOverlooking vibrant shorelines’ amenityThis moon’s glowing bottom rests wetOn ocean’s lap, riding gentle waves’ jetWith soft fingers tickling our sandy feet Hands in hands, steps for stepsUnknown […]


nous sommes là pour vous et nous sommes là pour çà !!


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