Duvalier In Haiti

What do you think this guy is doing in Haiti? Let Chat!

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  1. Jean Claude Duvalier is not acting alone; he is receiving support from the imperialist countries. The Haitian government should have refused his entry since he was at the airport. The same way I’m eager to visit Haiti, he is Haitian as well he can have the same feeling. He was among the first people donated million dollars (our money:) ) to Haiti after the earthquake.


  2. It could el majestro Preval, trying to divert attention. In Haiti there is a habit crisis replacin crisis. Since Sunday the focus is on Baby Doc not Preval.
    2) It could be France, since they waned Preval that if he does not accept OEA’s report he’ll face some consequences.
    3) Could it be that Baby Doc wanted to come back and see the country before he dies? I do not feel strongly about that one when you have to take into account that his passport was expired, he had to get some strong influence in order to make it fromGuadeloupe to haiti.


    • Donald,
      I’m suspicious of the whole thing as I suspect many Haitians are. If Preval accepts to exclude Jude Celestin from the run off, his party will never be relevant again. As you say, he may have initiated that Duvalier distraction and subtly announce his rejection of the OEA recommendations. If the people are not paying attention while he make his announcement against recommendations backed by the US, France and Canada, no one will take the streets in protest. But let see what happens.


  3. What is this man doing in Haiti?
    It is difficult enough to imagine how Jean Claude Duvalier eluded everyone’s radar to end up in the country that so vehemently rejected him, let alone allowing him to walk around like he own the place and even have a news conference. As I thought about what is really going on in Haiti right now, it makes perfect sense. With all this promised aid hanging in the balance, everybody want to lend the country a helping hand, even the architect of the misery himself. This reunion of political elites may indicate a grand last stand to maintain power since, for the first time, there are signs of a possible rupture with that class. The co-called leader of Haiti is silent as usual while clouds a suspicion and uneasiness engulf the country. What are the odds of this alleged looter and murderer re-emerged as a rescuing hero? Any answers Wikileaks?


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