Death and injuries reported in Haiti anti-corruption protests | Miami Herald

Haitian National Police spokesman Michel-Ange Louis-Jeune said at least two people were killed during the tension-filled day and several others were wounded by gunshots including five people in Cap-Haitien, the country’s second largest city. The wounded were taken by police to a local hospital.

Early in the day, a Port-au-Prince police officer was injured when a rock was thrown and hit his head at Pont-Rouge near Cité Soleil. Police responded by firing shots in the air and were videotaped scrambling on the ground for cover. The officers had been providing security for Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, who was visiting the site with members of his government to lay a wreath, as is customary, to commemorate the death of founding father Jean Jacques Dessalines. He was assassinated at Pont-Rouge on Oct. 17, 1806.

When the violence erupted, the president, who had been met by crowds of protesters and some supporters, had departed in his motorcade. He was flown by helicopter to Marchand Dessalines, the city that Dessaline founded and Haiti’s first strategic capital after independence.

In Port-au-Prince, Louis-Jeune said protesters damaged several buildings and vehicles, threw rocks at the Swiss embassy, blew up a car and, at Morne Lazard, attempted to burn down a gas station. At least 11 police vehicles were either damaged or set ablaze, while 11 officers were injured with rocks. In Gonaives, where Sen. Youri Latortue led one of the anti-corruption protests, Louis-Jeune said ”lots of rocks” were thrown and flaming tire barricades were erected in front of the law school. Overall. at least eight arrests were made, he added.

Source:  Miami Herald

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