To veteran model Tachou Dubuisson, ‘beauty is ageless – The Boston Globe

Boston Fashion Week starts Sunday. “Boston” and “Fashion” might seem like an oxymoron to the snobbish, but the series of fashion-related events highlights the local industry and its talent. For models such as Tachou Dubuisson-Brown – known as Tachou – the Sept. 30 to Oct. 6 showcase is an opportunity for a fond reunion with her peers and a chance to see up-and-coming talent.

During Fashion Week, Tachou, a longtime model with Maggie Inc., will be on the runway for a local designer’s winter collection and is looking forward to GlamSlam, a storytelling platform that allows fashion professionals to share significant moments in their careers. For Tachou, those turning points include the time she rejected sexual advances by a director and was unceremoniously fired from a shoot. It was years ago, but today it reminds her of the #MeToo movement. Devastated by the experience, she recovered by reminding herself that her integrity was worth more than any paycheck.

Tachou — who describes herself as a Naomi Campbell lookalike — has been modeling for almost two decades. She was once the token black woman in the room, something she says sometimes worked to her advantage because she was more likely to get booked for catalogs, commercials, promotions, corporate advertising, and online images.

Source: The Boston Globe

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