Haiti | General Assembly of the United Nations

One year after the closing of the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti, the Government continues to work to strengthen democracy and respect for human rights, he continued.  No efforts are spared in creating a stable environment conducive to investment and growth.  Haiti is implementing innovative approaches to make progress possible for all Haitians.  However, economic growth is apathetic and exerts a heavy burden on development and peacekeeping programmes.

Haiti is also confronting the painful requirement to continue financing Government subsidies for petrol prices, he said, recalling that Haitians voiced their political discontent in recent violent protests, highlighting how fragile Haiti’s progress is.  Without appropriate, long‑term assistance structural reforms are unsustainable and such reforms will not occur overnight or under rigid limitations imposed by international partners.  He attributed recent public anger to narrow approaches to financial assistance and the inability of Haiti to obtain the forms of aid it requires.

He restated his commitment to spare no effort to guide the country towards sustainable development, including the fight against corruption in all its forms.  The Government is endeavouring to immediately improve the livelihood of the most vulnerable members of society, improve the business climate, promote job creation, strengthen the capacity of the judicial system and re-establish its armed forces.  Haiti is at a crossroads, he said, appealing for international partners to demonstrate solidarity with Haitians.

Source:  United Nations

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