Haiti, Naomi is also your legitimate daughter – The Nassau Guardian

This is the story of the father and the mother of Naomi. It started when young Jean Louis obtained a scholarship to study in Japan. At the university he met the young mother. In the mono-cultural environment of Japan, the ethos is suspicious of any foreigner, say, a black man. The young couple had to leave Japan to settle in 2006 in South Florida which is more hospitable to a mixed-race family.

Naomi was only five years old when she moved to Florida in a tight-knit environment that is the staple of both Haitian and Japanese cultures. That is where the father discovered the story of the Williams sisters, and he said to himself, “Eureka, my two daughters will become one day the next Serena and the next Venus.”

Dear Naomi, as you circle the globe bringing in more trophies for Japan in different venues such as Wimbledon in London and Roland Garros in Paris, do remember you are also a daughter of Haiti. Carry that beautiful country in your heart and your spirit, albeit it has been characterized as a “shitty” place by one of the world’s leaders.

Source:– The Nassau Guardian

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