Haiti garment makers hopeful on future expansion| just-style

The Haiti manufacturers association – L’Association des Industries d’Haïti (ADIH) – told just-style that the clothing sector is doing its part to attract workers, improving wages and working conditions since the introduction in the US of the HOPE/HELP Acts. These are the Haitian Hemispheric Opportunity through Partnership Encouragement (HOPE), of 2006, and later the Haiti Economic Lift Programme (HELP) of 2010.

The HOPE/HELP Acts are preferential trade agreements designed specifically to boost Haiti’s manufacturing sectors, especially the apparel industry.

A recent report from the US the International Trade Commission showed the value of US imports of apparel from Haiti increased 2.1% to $866.7m in 2017, with the value of imports entering under the HOPE/HELP Acts increasing 7.9% to $577m. Garments of manmade fibres accounted for a growing share of US apparel imports from Haiti, in contrast to the declining share accounted for by cotton apparel.

The acts also link market access to Haiti upholding labour standards and rights, insisting that garment manufacturers improve working conditions and practices to benefit from their provisions.

Source: just-style

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