Haitian Compas Festival to bring Compas to Martinique – Repeating Islands

“We really wanted to do something spectacular to honor Tabou Combo’s contribution to Haiti’s musical history and after some consideration we thought Martinique would be the perfect backdrop for the first ever international Haitian Compas Festival,” explains Co-Founder, Rodney Noel.

Scheduled to grace the stage is of course Tabou Combo, along with Nu Look, VayB, Gabel, Harmonik, Djakout #1, Kwakxi and Original H from Paris. Special honored guests also include Keke Belizaire and Fabrice Rouzier from the renowned group Mizik Mizik, BelO, and the legend himself Robert Martino.

Known for producing some of the largest events in the Haitian Music Industry, the Haitian Compas Festival is also bringing two extravagant parties to Martinique’s night life. With a Welcome Gala with the group VayB and a replica of Miami’s most popular All Black Affair with Nu Look, this island adventure starts on Thursday, November 15, 2018.

Source: – Repeating Islands

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