Haiti is still waiting on promised UN help for cholera epidemic – The Boston Globe

Ban’s long-awaited apology came with a promising plan to help victims of the savage epidemic, called “The New Approach,” which envisions spending $400 million to support survivors and address the nation’s crumbling water and sanitation systems. But fund-raising — based thus far on voluntary contributions — has brought in only 2 percent of that total. As of last week, donors included South Korea, India, and Liechtenstein, among others, but not the United States. Without assessed contributions from member nations, the future looks grim indeed. Advocates and rescue workers estimate another 30,000 people in Haiti will get cholera this year. The often-lethal scourge has already killed more than 9,000 and sickened 800,000.Even more frustrating: There’s finally consensus about how the epidemic took hold and who is responsible. Genetic analysis of the cholera bug plaguing Haiti is incontrovertible: UN peacekeepers from Nepal arrived to help the island rebuild after a devastating earthquake in 2010 and let raw sewage from their camp seep into a stream. Some of the Nepalese were infected with the vibrio cholerae microbe that can cause severe diarrhea, dehydration, and agonizing death.

Source: – The Boston Globe