Top finisher in Haiti vote complains about fraud claims – Yahoo News

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council says Jovenel Moise received 33 percent of the Oct. 25 vote to clear the packed field of 54 presidential candidates. Contested officials results have the government-backed candidate with 117,602 more votes than second-place finisher Jude Celestin, a former state construction chief.The disputed results have brought a renewed surge of paralyzing street protests and so many broad accusations of electoral fraud from civil society and opposition groups it is not clear whether a Dec. 27 presidential runoff between the top two finishers can take place as scheduled.At a Monday press conference, Moise asserted that Haiti’s National Human Rights Defense Network and other organizations have been making baseless accusations of widespread fraud including ballot-box stuffing and political-party representatives voting multiple times. He said there were various problems with the first round and he has made recommendations to the much-criticized Provisional Electoral Council, “but you can’t discredit the whole process.””The Haitian people voted for me and they put me in the first position,” said Moise, an agricultural businessman who was plucked from political obscurity by outgoing President Michel Martelly to be his successor.

Source: – Yahoo News

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