The show must not go on in Haiti| TheHill

882w1_fbThe plan is working, so far. The government’s parties and its allies claim close to a majority in Parliament, and Martelly’s anointed successor, Jovenel Moise, was credited with 34 percent of the vote and first place in the first round presidential voting.  A runoff between Moise and second-place candidate Jude Celestin is scheduled for December 27. The first voting of the series–legislative elections on August 9–was marred by disappearing votes and widespread violence largely committed by government supporters. Violence forced the closure of 13 percent of voting centers, and 23 percent of local tally sheets never made it to the national count. The October 25 first-round presidential elections and legislative runoffs were less violent, but more fraudulent. In both elections, over 70 percent of voters did not vote, either intimidated, excluded or discouraged. The problems with the elections have been well documented from the start, by Haitian and international media, election observation missions, and political parties not allied with the government.But recently the evidence of malfeasance has mounted to almost absurd levels. An exit poll published November 19 indicated that Moise really came in fourth, not first, with 6 percent of the vote, not 34 percent.  On November 24, officials announced that an audit of a sample of 78 tally sheets showed fraud or irregularities in all 78. The Electoral Council did discard the 78 sheets, but refused further investigation.

Source: | The Hill

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