Haiti opposition says transitional gov’t may be needed – Yahoo News

Eight candidates in last month’s disputed presidential vote are demanding changes in Haiti’s electoral council and national police department. And if that doesn’t happen by next month, they are calling for a transitional government to oversee new general elections.Among those signing late Sunday’s declaration was Jude Celestin, the second-place finisher who is due to face the government-backed candidate, Jovenel Moise, in a Dec. 27 runoff. The ultimatum throws that runoff into question.The Group of Eight alliance, which includes seven of the top 10 vote-getters in the Oct. 25 first round, said that without “major changes … fair, free and democratic elections” cannot be held while outgoing President Michel Martelly is in power.The eight said a transitional government would be charged with adopting a new constitution, making various reforms and organizing “credible” general elections within two years. They did not specify how it might be formed.The eight have been demanding an independent recount due to what they assert was “massive fraud” in favor of Moise. But election authorities say the vote was a success and that fraud allegations have been properly investigated. They also say they lack the authority to appoint an independent panel to verify results

Source: – Yahoo News

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