Concerns widen over Haiti presidential elections impasse | Miami Herald

“The G8 is convinced that honest, free, transparent and democratic elections cannot be obtained under the presidency of Joseph Michel Martelly without changes in the [Provisional Electoral Council], without a changes in some units of the [Haiti National Police] and the command at departmental offices, and without the end of reprisals and repression by police against peaceful demonstrators,” the candidates wrote.The communique set off a chain reaction Monday with Moise’s PHTK party canceling a press conference to announce the official launch of his campaign. Prime Minister Evans Paul also entered the fray by meeting with the Private Sector Economic Forum, which has also quietly called for an inquiry into the vote.Célestin, meanwhile, issued his own letter Monday afternoon, informing elections officials he would not be attending a Wednesday meeting. He noted that he was happy to meet as long as the proposed agenda addressed a number of issues both he and his G8 coalition have raised.The Catholic and Protestant churches, which both have representatives on the nine-member Provisional Electoral Council, known as the CEP, also broke their silence on the impasse.“Respect for human rights has regressed, democracy is at risk and the country’s future is uncertain,” Rev. Ernst Pierre Vincent said on behalf of the Conference of Haitian Pastors in a strongly worded statement. Vincent called the electoral council’s decision to publish the final presidential results despite the allegations that the vote was tainted by “massive” fraud and irregularities “a plot to topple the country into utter anarchy.”

Source: Miami Herald

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