Haiti presidential runoff announcement spurs violent protest | Miami Herald

In reaction, partisans of opposition candidates accusing Moise and Martelly of orchestrating fraud — accusations Moise and his PHTK party have denied — took to the streets setting tires ablaze in planned protests. Radio reported that at least five people were injured, including two Haiti National Police officers by bullets.“We are hoping for peace to be re-established so that the [final] rounds of elections and the presidential runoff can happen without any incidents,” Opont said in an appeal for calm. “We will need a lot of peace; we will need a lot of togetherness.”For weeks, Fanmi Lavalas supporters as well as partisans of Célestin and third-place finisher former Sen. Moise Jean-Charles, have taken to the streets in growing and increasingly violent protests. While at first they demanded an independent verification of the vote by a commission, protesters have been increasingly calling for the departure of Martelly and a transition government to redo the elections.“There are only two options for the streets: the removal of Jovenel or transition,” said former Sen. Jean-Hector Anacasis, spokesman for Célestin’s Lapeh political party.Anacasis said the decision on whether Célestin will head into the runoff, or boycott, as some have called for him to do, isn’t completely up to the candidate. The decision lies, Anacasis said, in the coalition of presidential candidates backing Célestin’s call for the verification commission — and the current environment. That environment, Anacasis said, isn’t conducive to holding elections because the CEP and government lack credibility.“No one has confidence,” he said. “You have to find a way to restore confidence in the process.”

Source: Miami Herald

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