Patience, calm urged as votes counted in Haiti | Miami Herald

“Of course, we have to wait. It’s not finished, but I have a positive expectation that we’re moving into the right direction,” said Brazilian diplomat Celso Amorim, who headed the mission.United Nations security forces reported that 224 people were arrested, including a candidate for the lower chamber of Deputies and two Haiti National Police officers. Firearms were seized and there were no reported election-related fatalities. The number of voting centers vandalized or reporting security issues was down compared to Aug. 9, when 13 percent of the 1,508 voting centers were forced to suspend balloting because of armed violence, voter intimidation and irregularities.The improvements over Aug. 9, Amorim said, was “a good step for the Haitian people because it’s the Haitian people who have to decide their destiny. The international community is only here to help when it can. But it is very important that the opinion and the voice of the Haitian people is heard.”Whether that is the case, it will take at least 10 days to know. Opont, the elections head, told the Miami Herald last week that preliminary results could take longer given travel time for tally sheets to arrive in Port-au-Prince and the more than 6,000 candidates involved, including 54 vying for the presidency. Source: Miami Herald

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