U.N. Security Council seeks to end troops presence in Haiti | Miami Herald

Photo: Miami Herald

“I anticipate that, if the recent positive trends continue, the nature of the United Nations presence in Haiti will evolve significantly,” Ban said.The council approved his proposal to extend the stabilization mission until Oct. 15, 2016.Ban, through his Special Representative Sandra Honoré, noted that an assessment of the mission’s presence and Haiti’s ability to care for its own security needs should be taken after the installation of its new president and government early next year. The country is scheduled to go to the polls on Oct. 25 in presidential elections. Runoffs for 12 senate seats and 86 lower chamber seats also will be held that day as well as balloting for mayors.Security Council members welcomed the holding of the elections while also addressing the first round. While Peru and Argentina described the controversial Aug. 9 legislative vote as having taken place in “a peaceful environment,” Canada deplored the violence and called for Haitian authorities to investigate.

Source: Miami Herald

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