Satanic ‘Zombified’ Religion Making Inroads in United States — Charisma News

No, it’s not a Halloween stunt, but a tenet of voodoo: the official religion of Haiti, along with Roman Catholicism. But don’t expect for Haitians to separate the two.  “In churches, there’s a lot of syncretism (or the combination of multiple religions),” says David Vanderpool, a missionary and doctor in Haiti. Vanderpool is the founder and CEO of LiveBeyond, a faith-based, humanitarian organization bringing medical and maternal health care, clean water, education, orphan care, community development and the gospel of Jesus Christ to the oppressed in Thomazeau, Haiti. “Voodoo is the culture, the way they think. They view the world through a lens of voodoo, and it colors what they do, what they see. They bring it unwittingly into the church, and see mainstream denominations as no different from voodoo.” The satanic worship can be traced to colonization when the French demanded African slaves convert to Catholicism. Rather than fully converting, the slaves named their idols after saints, and the worship of the demons was incorporated into the church.  Source:— Charisma News

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  1. Why are you publishing this racist, anti-Haitian crap?
    There’s enough real scholarship out there now for those who wish to understand VODOU or VODUN in earnest.

    When those who have killed by the millions and stolen everything under the sun call other people’s worship “satanic”, your antenna is supposed to go WAY UP.


    • We simply have to know what they’re saying and officially refute them. We are the informed audience that must comment those articles, write to their editors and contest their facts. I don’t see how ignoring them make them go away. If we challenge them they will not only think twice about publishing nonsense, but also check their facts and know there is an informed few willing to get the record straight. I appreciate your commenting and challenging this post.


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