The Dominican Republic, Haitians and the Global War on Blackness – EBONY

As a Black Dominican, and a second-generation immigrant living in The South Bronx, I cannot turn a blind eye to what is happening in the Dominican Republic. The personal and collective experiences of racial discrimination, gender violence, gentrification, lack of access to basic human rights and xenophobia have resulted in my solidarity work with the Haitian community for the past 10 years. In New York City, and other part of the U.S there have always been efforts to affirm and defend the human rights of our Haitian sisters and brothers in the Dominican Republic.

Most recently, we have witnessed the efforts of young Black Dominicans and Haitians organizing and protesting as part of We Are All Dominicans and other efforts. These groups are able to connect the persecution, incarceration and killings of Black bodies in the United States with the State violence being faced by Haitians in the Dominican Republic. We need more of these efforts all over the world.

Unfortunately, many continue to promote narratives and arguments that have been created by those who benefit from the continued violations of human rights in the Dominican Republic, and elsewhere. So, who benefits from all this orchestrated chaos?

The Dominican government is a direct beneficiary, as it creates a population of second-class citizens that are left vulnerable and to whom the government is under no obligation to offer social services and resources. This also benefits a Dominican elite class that will be able to prey on this population’s vulnerability, blatantly exploit their labor and “legally” discard of the workers when they see fit. Racist Dominicans in positions of power who promote “nationalism” and are engaged in electoral politics will also benefit. They will push for citizens to forget the corruption charges that were brought on the current government administration late last year, and will call for unity to “defend” the Dominican nation from the threat of “Haitian invasion.” via – EBONY


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