Regional Cultural Committee criticises Dominican Republic – JamaicaObserver.com

caricom-flagsIn its statement, the RCC said that it acknowledges the role that Haiti has played in influencing and shaping the wider freedom movement in Latin America and the Caribbean, declaring “its grave concern over the recent legislated decision of the Government of the Dominican Republic that has rendered stateless thousands of Dominicans of Haitian origin/descent, a gross denial of their basic human rights”.

The RCC said that it also viewed with abhorrence reports of lynching and forced expulsion of such persons from their homes by ordinary citizens with no reported government sanctions.

“The lessons of history, as seen in circumstances such as Nazi Germany, South Africa under Apartheid Law and Legal segregation in the southern states of the USA, demonstrate clearly the immediate danger of such state-endorsed violence against members of our Caribbean family.

“The Regional Cultural Committee urges Caricom to advise the Government of the Dominican Republic and all other Caribbean nations to immediately cease and desist such overtly racist policies disguised as state foreign policy, and to engage diasporic communities within each nation state in constructive discussion of humanitarian, immigration and citizenship concerns.”

The RCC said that it is mindful that while descendants of Haitian migrants might be seen as a clearly identifiable group in the context of the Dominican Republic, “the ethnic similarities and cultural commonalities to the vast majority of the Caribbean population caution us that a similar policy can be utilised to expel wider groups of Caricom peoples from nations throughout the region and the world that they currently call home. via – JamaicaObserver.com


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