Haiti appeals for international help as OAS prepares to visit Hispaniola | Miami Herald

Accusing the Dominican Republic of dumping undocumented Haitians at the border “like dogs,” Haiti’s foreign minister Wednesday called on the international community to break its silence on the mushrooming migration crisis to help both nations find “a more humane treatment or approach.”

Foreign Minister Lener Renauld also asked the Dominican Republic to return to the negotiating table so that the two nations could figure out how best to receive potentially tens of thousands of Haitians living illegally in the Dominican Republic and now subject to deportations under tougher rules recently imposed by the country that shares the island of Hispaniola with Haiti.

“We are interested in avoiding massive deportations, which would lead to splitting households and tearing children away from their parents,” Renauld said during a special hearing of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States in Washington, D.C. “The Haitian Republic has not come here to get on its knees and ask for mercy. Haiti has come … to ask the Dominican Republic to appeal to reason.”

Renauld’s appeal came days after Haitian President Michel Martelly made a similar appeal to the international community during a meeting of the 15-member Caribbean Community regional bloc in Barbados. An OAS mission prepared to travel to Port-au-Prince and Santo Domingo this weekend. Its goal: to find “a fundamental solution” to the brewing migration crisis based on a respect for international and immigration laws, and human rights.

“To follow up on this is fine,” OAS Secretary General Luis Almagro Lemes said, “but I believe it would be much better to resolve it once and for all.” via Miami Herald


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