Is The Dominican Republic Legalizing Ethnic Cleansing? – New America Media

An estimated 250,000 Dominican people of Haitian descent are affected by the ruling.

The Dominican Republic’s neighbors were quick to decry the decision as well. La Celia Prince, the representative of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who is the spokesperson for the Caribbean community, a 15-nation member organization known as Caricom, condemned the ruling in that it “strips tens of thousands of people of rights which they have enjoyed from birth and gives them no recourse to appeal.” She went further, arguing that, “This issue, a domestic issue, is of interest to us in that it directly impacts the lives of fellow human beings, citizens of our Hemisphere and, more specifically, members of our Diaspora.”

The Dominican Republic’s neighbors are not the ones alarmed at this turn of events. From Spain to Peru, Mexico to Argentina the family of American nations have expressed outrage at this ruling and the implications.

“The court’s ruling, needless to say, is an aberration which seems to draw inspiration from Hitler’s laws, by which Jews who had lived in Germany for centuries were deprived of their nationality. More to the point, it contravenes repeated rulings in recent years by the International Court of Human Rights,” Nobel Laureate Mario Vargas Llosa, wrote this week (November 8, 2013) in Spain’s El País newspaper. “The only logical argument the Dominican court could adduce is that Juliana’s parents were ‘illegal immigrants.’ Thus the sin of illegality is made hereditary—presumably, as in archaic Biblical dooms, to the seventh generation. via – New America Media


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