Dominican Republic willfully creating humanitarian crisis – Sun Sentinel

The world should stand firmly against this brutal and despicable immigration policy in order to promote human dignity and deter other nations from adopting a similar measure.

We support the Haitian government’s claim that this measure creates a dire humanitarian crisis in Haiti that requires a global response. It is a real racial cleansing case, which violates all international conventions and reminds us of the massacre of 20,000 Haitians under President Rafael Trujillo in 1937. Haiti occupied the Dominican Republic for 22 years and helped the country secure its independence from Spain in 1864.

The Haitian government should file a formal complaint with the international organizations and request assistance from the United States, Canada and France in helping to secure a diplomatic solution. And the Haitians living in those countries should ask the governments to intervene in this matter. via – Sun Sentinel.

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