Dominica Condemns Dominican Decision to Deport Haitians – Latin American Herald Tribune

Roosevelt Skerrit - Dominica - 1“What has happened is that you have people of Haitian descent who were born in the Dominican Republic, who by a decision of the Supreme Court, denied them, stripped them off of their right to citizenship in the Dominican Republic,” Skerrit told a news conference.

He said CARICOM had received a commitment from the Dominican Republic government to take action to regularize those individuals.

“But the time frame which they gave and the onerous request which they were making of the applicants, make it impossible for the vast majority of those citizens to apply for their citizenship,” Skerrit said.

“The Dominican Republic has taken a decision to deport tens of thousands of Dominican Republic citizens back into Haiti with no address in Haiti, with no family links in Haiti because some of them have been there for so many years,” the prime minister said.

In CARICOM’s view, he said, “this is not an immigration issue, this is not about somebody in your country who does not have papers and the person is not regularized, doesn’t have a work permit and therefore you deport him.”

The deportations are a “human rights issue which all citizens and countries must speak out against and condemn,” Skerrit said. via Latin American Herald Tribune


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