A border village in Haiti struggles with new Dominican rules – The Washington Post

“I didn’t want to come here, but I was worried,” he said.“Their president wants all the Haitians to leave. So we’re leaving.”

The Dominican government has encouraged these departures, with free bus rides to the border.

“The government of the Dominican Republic has not expelled one person as of this hour,” Roberto Rodriguez Marchena, the president’s spokesman, said in an interview Monday night. “We didn’t create this; we didn’t invent this to mistreat people or expel people. What we want — and the international community has to understand this — we want to order our country. Please, let us bring order to our country.”

The roots of the current immigration policies date to a 2004 law that was challenged in court and not implemented until last year, during the presidency of Danilo Medina. The law calls for registering the estimated 600,000 people — Haitians or people of Haitian descent — living without documents in the country. Rodriguez, the spokesman, said that a quarter of the country’s health budget is consumed by Haitians living in the country illegally and not paying taxes, and more than 40 percent of the births along the border are to Haitian women. via – The Washington Post


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