Stateless and now homeless: Despair on Haiti border – France 24

Mileyda Benacio is 19 years old, seven months pregnant and effectively stateless — expelled from the Dominican Republic, the land of her birth, to neighboring Haiti.

Her T-shirt is tight across her burgeoning bump and she has little else to her name as she shelters at a Jesuit mission with the first victims of an immigration crackdown.

Benacio was born in the eastern half of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic, but her late parents hailed from the west, Haiti, and therein lies her problem.

Thousands of Haitians once crossed the border to seek work, and tens of thousands of their children grew up in the Dominican Republic without ever being granted citizenship.

Now they have papers for neither country, and are subject to detention and expulsion from the relatively prosperous though economically divided east to the impoverished Haitian west.

“My father and mother were illegals in the Dominican Republic and didn’t follow the procedure to get me papers,” Benacio told AFP, sitting in a Haitian school yard.

“I have nothing, not even a change of clothes. I’m seven months pregnant, but I don’t know where to go when I go into labor, and I’ll have no clothes for my baby.” via – France 24


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