Mass Deportations Deadline Looms for Dominicans of Haitian Descent – International Business Times

Opposition groups of Haitian nationals in the Dominican Republic were trying to figure out how to avoid deportation ahead of Wednesday’s deadline that could send hundreds of thousands of Haitians descent back to their native country. At least one of those groups involved the Tonton Macoute, a feared special operations group within the Haitian paramilitary force, suspected of spreading false information about the potential extraditions, a Dominican official told Dominican Today.

Members of the Tonton Macoute were being investigated for allegedly trying to pressure the Dominican government into extending the deadline for Haitian citizens to register as legal residents, a process that reportedly involves a massive amount of paperwork.

“There are groups sponsoring and trying to create confusion, first with the information that there’s an extension, second, taking a massive number of Haitians to the [registration] centers,” said Jose Ramon Fadul, Dominican Interior and Police minister. “There are Tonton Macoute in this, and there are areas of the country where that is taking place. There are social groups that want to create confusion. No one can tell me that 1,000 will go to a registration center all of a sudden. Who mobilizes them? Who pays the transport?”  via International Business Times


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