Haiti Sees Spike In Cholera Cases 4 Years After Outbreak Began : NPR

choleraaaIt is the rainy season in Haiti. That’s making it even harder for aid workers trying to contain a 4-and-a-half-year-old cholera outbreak that followed the massive earthquake in 2010. Recently, there’s been a disturbing spike in new cases, from about a thousand a month to a thousand a week. To find out more, we reached Dr. Louise Ivers. She’s the senior health advisor for Partners in Health. Thank you for joining us.

DR. LOUISE IVERS: You’re welcome. It’s nice to be here.

MONTAGNE: Cholera arrived in Haiti in October of 2010, and, at that point, aid poured in. So why is it not under control at this point in time?

IVERS: Well, I think one of the reasons why it’s not in control yet is really quite fundamental. One of the things you need to control cholera is that you have to have good water systems and good sanitation systems. And although there has been some progress in that regard in Haiti over the last four and a half years, there really has not been the kind of transformative change that needs to happen. Most poor people living in the countryside or living in the urban slums, they don’t have a place to go to the toilet and that just leads to cases of diarrheal disease, and especially cholera now that cholera is there in the country. via: NPR


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