Welcome to Haiti (aka Clintopia) | Washington Free Beacon

It’s not hard to see why this is the case. Bill Clinton, speaking at the grand opening of the $45 million Marriott hotel, praised the project for giving Haitians “the chance to show the real Haiti to the world that will come to this hotel.” Right. Because what better way to experience the “real Haiti” than from the La Sirene Bar and Restaurant at luxury hotel financed by one of the most powerful political couples in the Western hemisphere?

Haiti, in many ways, functions as a sort of Clintopia. Cuba won’t have its hipster charm and poverty chic motif much longer, thanks to capitalism. Fortunately, there’s Haiti, where wealthy plutocrats can experience an authentic voodoo ceremony, just as the Clinton did shortly after their wedding in 1975. (The trip was a gift from a rich friend, Dave Edwards, who has since helped Bill Clinton secure more than $20 million in funding from the Saudi government for a Middle East studies program at the University of Arkansas.)

It’s an ideal place for moneyed elites to visit for photo-ops and investment opportunities, but without having to experience the “real Haiti.” It’s a disaster area that provides convenient cover for foreign governments to donate money to a charitable foundation tied to a sitting Secretary of State, in violation of administration rules. And, most importantly, it looks good on a presidential resume. Who cares if the actual residents of Haiti don’t appreciate all the good the Clintons have done for them? Think of all the good Haiti has done for the Clintons and their associates. via | Washington Free Beacon.

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