Dominican Republic is a Racist Nation and should be boycotted – Examiner.com

The recent incidents between Dominicans and Haitians are not new but have been ongoing between these two neighboring nations. For the Dominican government to remain silent on these disturbing acts clearly prove they are either in agreement with these barbaric acts or support them. Many of the Dominicans do not consider themselves black or mixed, have the illusion that they are white when they are of African and Spanish descent, and also Haitians . It’s sad not to know one’s history.

When I hear many Haitian politicians in Haiti and in the Diaspora talking about how Dominicans do not respect Haitians living in Dominican Republic and how they have been discriminating against Haitians, I smile with sarcasm, thinking how do you expect Dominicans to respect Haitians living in their land where their own government do not even respect them in Haiti.

I want to take a different approach on the issues with the recent Haitian Shoe shiner that was killed, by hanging, in Dominican Republic, angering and infuriating the entire Haitian nation. via | Examiner.com


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  1. I keep saying this and I will say it again. Dominicans have been brainwashed the damage is too deep. They believe that in the pass Haitians invaded and killed them. They took what happened to Spaniards in colonial Santo Domingo as something that happened to Dominicans in today’s dominican republic. Even though the “Dominican Republic” did not exist yet for Haitian to invade. The Haitians saved the Dominicans ancestors from slavery but they believed Haitians oppressed them. Too bad Haitian historians are doing exactly what Haitians seem to always do, nothing.

    This artile only touch on how most of this begin but the problem is deeper:



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