Schalke vs. Real Madrid: Tactical Preview of Champions League Game | Bleacher Report

Real Madrid haven’t been clicking in full lately, and the nature of some of their victories have made the fans a little uneasy; they worry about the next potential slip-up.

Schalke are club in a state of permacrisis, but Di Matteo has steadily calmed the surrounding waters. He’s taken the Royal Blues back to a sturdy, organised template of football and is building a sound footing before pushing forward.

That means Real Madrid, and specifically Carlo Ancelotti, will need to have the attacking game plan spot on ahead of this visit. Any club facing los Blancos now will simply watch how Atletico Madrid have stifled them six times in a row this season and attempt to emulate some of Diego Simeone’s wrinkles and strategies. via | Bleacher Report


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