16 Die in Crush at Carnival in Haiti Capital –

10983537_804993012869972_3960562451382420819_oA stampede on Tuesday left 16 people dead and 78 injured when a singer atop a Carnival float struck an overhead power line, igniting sparks and panic, the authorities said.

The accident occurred in the early morning hours of what is the biggest day of Carnival, the annual pre-Lenten celebration that for Haitians is a raucous respite from the miseries afflicting the country. The government canceled Carnival celebrations for later Tuesday, the third and final day of events, and instead held a silent parade that was led by President Michel Martelly, a former Carnival singer.

Most of the dead and injured were trampled when thousands of people on a downtown street, dancing and singing at nearly 3 a.m. as bands performed on floats, scattered for safety as people dashed off the float to avoid electrocution. via – NYTimes.combar1-3panel-nyt.

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