U.S., Canada should bail out Haiti | Providence Journal

Without deviation, the stories below the compassionate headlines recalling the tremendous loss of life and destruction exacted in 45 seconds on January 12, 2010 report that Haiti’s government, economy and future are as in question today as they were in the months immediately following the earthquake.

As The Economist points out, “politics remains as chaotic as the traffic,” in spite of the international community’s promise to support and bolster the capacity of the government. The Economist, The New York Times, The Nation and others have all, to some degree, pointed out that the international response did more to undermine Haiti’s national institutions than it did to help them. In short, the money is gone with very little to show for it.

One thing that was woefully absent from most of the tearful reports was clear criticism of Haiti’s mercurial, self-proclaimed cheerleader and U.N. appointed leader of the international community’s effort, Bill Clinton. The former president, who undoubtedly holds the record for miles booked on other people’s jets, promised that the billions donated would be used to “build [Haiti] back better.” I doubt there will ever be sufficient criticism laid on this ridiculous participant in Haiti’s most recent tragic farce. As co-chair of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission and the most listened to voice on Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake, Mr. Clinton has much to explain. But, doesn’t he always. via | Providence Journal


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