Haiti’s artisans reach a larger public • Caribbean Life

Haiti Artisan Boom.JPEG-0572f“We work with individual artists but we encourage collaboration,” says Nathalie Tancrede, ABN’s director, speaking of the numerous groups that make up the Network. For example, they work with a collective of 100 women who make embroidered linen napkins and knit “joujou” dolls in the small town of Fond-des-Blancs, part of the work of Haiti Projects.

The Network is a direct offspring of the Heart of Haiti (Fairwinds Trading & Keith Reicker) project that in 2010 brought crafted items to Macy’s outlets. (Tancrede was the country director of that project and on the 15th of January supporters celebrated the 5-year anniversary of the initiative’s progress in the executive suite of Macy’s Herald Square.)

The Network was created with a $200,00 grant from the Clinton/Bush Fund, which continued and expanded Heart of Haiti’s work including developing three depots: the one in Port-au-Prince, which is also the headquarters; one for the metal artisans and other arts in the village of Noailles outside of Croix des Bouquets and one in Jacmel. via • Caribbean Life


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