Out to Lunch With Raymond Joseph | New York Observer

The book is well-timed. Haiti remains in the news as celebrities like Sean Penn campaign to help the country recover from the catastrophic earthquake that hit five years ago this month. There is a fair bit of score settling in the book, too, as Mr. Joseph harshly criticizes those in government—Michel Martelly, the current Haitian president, among them—for what he perceives to be a bungled reconstruction.

“I’m quite sure I’ve made a lot of people angry, but it’s not the first time,” said Mr. Joseph. “I’ve been doing that for a while.”

Mr. Joseph is perhaps best known among Americans as Wyclef Jean’s uncle, but in his homeland he is highly regarded for establishing Radio Vonvon, the subversive program he broadcast via shortwave from New York to Haiti in the 1960s in order to discredit François “Papa Doc” Duvalier, the bloodthirsty Haitian dictator. Mr. Joseph was sentenced to death in absentia for his actions.

The death threat no longer stands, of course, and Mr. Joseph now splits his time between Haiti—where he lives with his wife in the mountains outside Port-au-Prince—and New York and Washington, D.C. via | New York Observer.

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