Opposition slams Haiti’s new government – IOL News

With protests against him swelling, Martelly promised on Friday to use his executive powers to build a broad-based government, but opponents quickly criticised his cabinet choices on Monday.

“There is not a real opening as promised,” former Senate president Simon Desras told Reuters, noting that only one opposition member made the cabinet list.

“This isn’t solving the crisis and, worst, it’s bringing more problems.”

He said the choice of Carel Alexandre as head of public security was especially “worrying.”

Alexandre was former chief of security at the presidential palace but was forced out in 2012 under pressure from US officials and human rights groups over ties to a band of corrupt former police officers, sources said.

The new planning minister, Yves Germain Joseph, is a former senior palace official who was close to late dictator Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier who died last year.

Martelly’s decision to keep the ministers of education and public health in their posts was, however, likely to be applauded by international donors who have praised them.

The new ministers and secretaries of state were sworn in on Monday afternoon, except for Alexandre who was mysteriously not present at the official ceremony attended by the diplomatic corps. via | IOL.co.za


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