Cruising Up An Uncrowded Coast In Haiti – Forbes

The name Arcadins comes from several islets off the coast in the Gulf of Gonâve, which are so small that about the only thing visible from shore is a lighthouse on one them. To get to the handful of resorts there, you travel up the well-paved Route National 1, wedged between the ocean and high mountains. You’ll pass through a town called Cabaret (no high-kicking shows there that I’m aware of) and eventually come to the market town of Montrouis, where locals sell their fruits and vegetables.

With a landscape rich in coconut trees, the Moulin sur Mer property is so spread out that golf carts are a must from the parking area to the reception by the water. A multi-generational, family-run operation, Moulin was built in the late 1970s when Haiti enjoyed an active tourist scene. Having made it through the lean years, the resort of late is getting some infrastructure improvements under the management of Charles Fombrun. Last year he built a private pier/island called Zile Soley (“sun island”) which guests reach via a little bridge—just the place to enjoy drinks, especially at sunset. via Forbes


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