Video: Haiti 5 years later – Yahoo News

It was January 12, 2010, just before 5 p.m., when the world came crashing down for millions of Haitians. Bodies lined the streets, and entire communities were reduced to piles of rubble.

Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric, then anchor of the CBS Evening News, was on the ground in Port-au-Prince 14 hours after the quake struck. In a makeshift medical clinic run by B-FAST (Belgian First Aid and Support), she met 13-year-old Pierre Larousse. The skin on his forehead had been scraped away, and his leg was broken. Like so many children, Pierre had become an orphan in an instant that day. His piercing cries begged the question an entire nation wanted an answer to: “Why?”

Three months later, things looked hopeful for Pierre and for Haiti. He was eager to return to school and had plans to move in with his grandmother, the only family he had left. He was looking forward to rebuilding his life.

Recovery teams mobilized and more than 9 billion dollars in aid were pledged to help Haiti following the earthquake. Modern hospitals were being built, and plans for new housing were in the works. via – Yahoo News


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