Haiti’s New Prime Minister Faces Instability, Protests – ABC News

Photo: Fox News

Photo: Fox News

Haiti has a new prime minister to run the government as it enters a phase of political uncertainty, with its parliament dissolved, opposition activists promising intensified street protests and its president ruling by decree because of a bitter standoff with lawmakers.

Prime Minister Evans Paul was selected last month to run the day-to-day affairs of President Michel Martelly’s government but a political deadlock meant the Senate and Chamber of Deputies could not debate his nomination before their terms expired Monday. Since the president can now rule by decree under the constitution, Paul automatically took office this week and began overseeing government operations as the hemisphere’s poorest country faces social unrest that could undermine its fragile stability.

The former Port-au-Prince mayor said he deplored the fact that he was taking office without a vote and with no sitting parliament, but he put the blame squarely on a group of opposition lawmakers who he says were behind the deadlock. He said a new electoral council would be in place “in less than two weeks” to start organizing long-delayed legislative and municipal elections. via – ABC News


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