Haiti, the Perfect Family Holiday in 2015 | Huffington Post

And today? The doves have returned to the windowsills. Many things had been healed and been put right. Port-Au-Prince has come a long way since people were scrambling over bricks and shattered windows, even as the rubble and pain still linger. Someone in Haiti told me “Never stop believing” and you feel this the moment you step foot into the country. On first sight, the capital, of Port-Au-Prince is visually overwhelming, like the sound of one hundred thousand piano keys playing all at once. Brightly colored ‘tap-tap’ buses navigate through the squalor, miles upon miles of roadside stands selling fruit and vegetables on cloth laid out on the sidewalk, shoes, clothing, shampoo, household goods. Everyone is selling, but who is buying? The city it best viewed tilted. It’s one massive maze, like the branches of a tree. When we left our hotel we took a right and then a left about twenty times to reach the bottom of the hill, into the sea of humanity that floods the streets and sidewalks. via | The Huffington Post


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