Rebuilding Haiti: Still a work in progress | The Miami Herald

Five years after the world’s worst natural disaster left more than 300,000 dead and an equal number injured, this shattered nation appears to be in recovery mode: a new Supreme Court is almost finished; new roads and hotels have been built; security and health statistics have improved; and thanks to a generous amount of humanitarian aid from foreign donors, the deluge of people living in tent cities has dropped dramatically.But for all the appearance of change, the vexing politics remain the same. On the eve of Monday’s fifth anniversary, Haitian politicians were scrambling to avert a deepening crisis by voting on a four-month extension for a second tier of the Senate, and the entire lower Chamber of Deputies. While two former chamber presidents and a presidential adviser said the terms expired at midnight, others insisted they had until the end of Monday. A tentative political agreement reached between President Michel Martelly and four political parties would prolong lawmakers’ terms but only if parliament voted an amendment to the electoral law to allow elections to be held. Martelly would rule by decree if there is no vote. Unable to establish a quorum in the Senate, Chamber President Simon Desras postponed the hearing until 10 a.m. via | The Miami Herald


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