Faith and Hope Five Years After Haiti Earthquake | The Huffington Post

12book_10__960x600On this fifth earthquake anniversary, I remember four-story buildings collapsed into a stack of concrete pancakes. I remember circling over Port-au-Prince in a small plane with other relief personnel six days after the earthquake, finally able to get there. I remember bodies being pulled from rubble. I remember it seemed to take so long for rebuilding to start. People responded generously around the world, though the overall impact has been hard to track. It has been encouraging to see building and infrastructure progress the past couple of years. Still, the big picture can make my faith and hope go a bit wobbly.It’s when I think of people — and when I start reflecting on the earthquake, what comes to mind is people — that the sadness comes on stronger, but so does the reason for faith and hope.I think of Enel, a pastor and colleague who somehow survived in one of those pancaked buildings. He was in a university class with fellow students. A moment later he was trapped under concrete and some of his classmates were now dead in the rubble beside him. He crawled out and has made the most of the years since. He received the gift of life as something for him to give to help others, especially so young church leaders can work in their communities for justice, especially to help Haiti’s most vulnerable children. via | Kent Annan.

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