Lessons Unlearned in Haiti As Memory of the Earthquake Fades | Huffington Post

Five years ago on Jan. 12, my friend Charles had just left his office in Port-au-Prince when the 7 magnitude earthquake hit. Once he learned that his wife and children were safe, he ran to find his sister at her university. What he saw, he says, will forever be engraved in his memory. The building had collapsed and all he could see were rocks, slabs of concrete, and dust. He heard the screams of people inside the building as well as those standing outside. That night and across the next few days he was able to save dozens of people as he looked for his sister. But Charles never found her. Five years later, he still dreams about one day seeing his sister walk through the door alive.Millions of people like Charles were affected by the earthquake in Haiti and more than one million were displaced, forced to live in tents. Haitians put their lives on the line to save complete strangers with their bare hands or minimal equipment. Then the international community came in very fast and was able to save thousands of lives through clearing rubble, distributing massive amounts of food, and providing doctors and nurses that treated and saved millions of people. via | Anick Supplice Dupuy.

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