New program will expedite the immigration process for Haitians | Examiner.com

The Haitian Reunification Family Parole Program (HRFPP) is scheduled to expedite the immigration process of Haitian American citizens with approved visas, beginning next year.Erik Rolex Joseph, a Fulbright Scholar who is studying at the University of Kentucky, has three cousins with approved visas waiting to be allowed access to America through the program. He believes that on an individual and humanitarian basis, “it is a good idea to reunite families with their loved ones,” but states that for a long term solution, “immigration is not the best option to help with the recovery of Haiti as it creates more dependence” on a foreign country.Joseph is working towards a degree in Public Policy and hopes to return to Haiti in 2016 when he has completed his studies in America. His overall goal is to help improve and strengthen civil society and the government by implementing developmental strategies to improve people’s quality of life. He thinks more Haitian American youth should be more obliged to return to help Haiti.“It is high time that the younger generation stop thinking that their only way out is by leaving Haiti,” he says, adding that it is a problem when, “the US has a huge influence in shaping Haitian internal politics and policies.” via | Examiner.com


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