In Haiti, only the face of power has changed – LA Times

la-oe-wilentz-haiti-martelly-20141226-001 (1)most five years since the devastating earthquake that rocked Haiti, the country remains adrift, and in recent weeks, even more than usual. In town after town, as well as in the capital, Port-au-Prince, large, angry crowds have gathered regularly to express their dissatisfaction with Haiti’s president, Michel Martelly. United Nations peacekeeping forces have fired on these crowds.To gain any scrap of public confidence, [Martelly] will have to show an investment in Haitians that goes deeper than the usual electoral carnival … and creaky commissions.-  Confronted with the unrest, Martelly did what officials often do in such situations: He appointed a commission, stuffed with ancient politicians and apple-polishers, to recommend actions. In Haiti, not unlike other places, such commissions generally have one purpose: to advise officials to do exactly what they wanted to do all along. This time was no different. When the commission returned, it advised Martelly to jettison his prime minister, Laurent Lamothe, as well as the heads of the Supreme Court and the provisional electoral council, all people the president was already prepared to throw under the bus.The prime minister is gone, though with no formal letter of resignation, and has reportedly been replaced by an interim figure. The other two officials will also presumably decamp, but that won’t solve Haiti’s larger crisis. If legislative elections are not held before Jan. 12, the legislature will be dissolved and Martelly will begin to rule by decree. via – LA Times.

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