Why Haiti And America Need To Promote Exports – Forbes

What is the similarity between Haiti and America? The similarity is that both are not exporting enough. Haiti is not exporting enough to improve its standard of living. America is not exporting enough, and enjoying a great lifestyle by borrowing and debasing its currency because it is not exporting enough. Both need to export more.J.J. Ramberg devoted her show (MSNBC, November 23, 2014) to encourage buying local. This is a sexy theme. But it is limited and over-romanticizing it can be dangerous. We need to focus on exporting value-added products.“Buying local” seems to fit in the same category as motherhood, apple pie and the flag. But before we get tangled up in our romantic memories of a golden yesteryear, let’s look at reality. Unless you want to go back to the agrarian world and suffer the lousy standard of living at the time (except for a few warlords), we need to understand the limits about buying local. via Forbes


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