Haiti President seeking a new prime minister after Laurent Lamothe’s resignation | Diplomat News Network

The 42-year-old Lamothe had won praise from leaders including former U.S. President Bill Clinton and telecommunications billionaire Denis O’Brien for his efforts to lure investment and rebuild Haiti after a 2010 earthquake killed more than 200,000 people. His resignation may not be enough to win over an opposition angered by allegations of government corruption, U.S. involvement in the crisis and the contention that Martelly’s election law proposal was unconstitutional.“Martelly is now very weakened and there’s a segment of the opposition that will continue to protest and continue to call for his resignation,” said Robert Fatton, a Haitian-born professor of politics at the University of Virginia. “The next few days will be very critical.”In a nationally-televised address before Lamothe stepped down, Martelly praised him for his “courage and determination to help Haiti.”“I recognize he is taking this decision to help unblock the political situation,” Martelly said. via | Diplomat News Network


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