U.S., U.N. Call for Resolution of Deadlock in Haiti Amid Unrest – Latin Dispatch

The U.S. government and the United Nations have urged Haitian authorities to settle a political dispute that has been years in the making, amid protests calling for long-overdue elections.Foreign officials and Haitian protesters fear that parliament will dissolve if elections are not held by Jan. 12, when the terms of several senators and house representatives expire. The dissolution of the current political structure could send the country into political chaos, and would allow current President Michel Martelly to rule by decree.Elections for local offices, the Chamber of Deputies and the majority of Senate seats were supposed to take place in 2011. Martelly has not called for them, instead appointing people for several of the positions.The Chamber of Deputies passed legislation in 2013 that authorized the new elections, but the law has yet to be taken up by the country’s Senate. The stalemate has caused a battle between Martelly’s administration and members of the opposition — including six senators — who question the constitutionality of the proposed law and argue that it favors the Martelly government. via Latin Dispatch


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