Carnival deal for Haiti island hits snag | The Miami Herald

The company only recently learned that the island is entangled in a 99-year lease agreement with a Texas businessman that was born out of Beatlemania and survived multiple Haitian coups and political transitions.“We have a problem and we have an opportunity,” said Frantz Brossard, senior adviser to Grey Pierson, a Texas lawyer who owns the lease. “We don’t want to see Carnival pull out of this deal. But the ball is now in the court of the Haitian government.Carnival officials say Haitian officials did not disclose that this barrier island off Haiti’s northwest coast has a long-term lease agreement with Pierson when they signed a letter of intent in July to develop a $70 million destination cruise port along the island’s unspoiled Pointe-Ouest beach, which Condé Nast Traveler has called one of the 10 nicest beaches in the Caribbean.“We’re not necessarily surprised as this sometimes happens in some proposed developments with prior landowners or leaseholders making claims about rights and or ownership,” said David Candib, vice president of development and operations for Carnival. “That being said, we have not yet raised it with government, nor have they raised it directly to us at this point.” via | The Miami Herald


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