How Mosaics Are Shaping Haiti’s Future – Hyperallergic

The city’s colorful rebirth began just after the earthquake, when Louisiana-based mosaic artist Laurel True joined up with the Art Creation Foundation for Children ACFFC to create a memorial mural in the city. With the help of children enrolled in ACFFC’s programs, True composed a 17-foot-long tableau inspired by the Tree of Life on a concrete wall that wraps around the city’s beachfront. The project was well received by the community — so much so that they eventually extended it to cover the length of the 350-foot wall.Over the next two and a half years, True traveled to Haiti more than 25 times, teaching youths between the ages of 12 and 22 how to create mosaics through an ACFFC program she helped develop. The participants were either living on the street or in danger of doing so. Many were orphans, or had only one parent, and few consumed more than four meals a week. ACFFC took care of basic needs like access to food, clean water, health care, and school fees, while also proving that art can have a lasting impact — and not just of the emotional kind. via Hyperallergic


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